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The Deza Trail is a linear route returning along the same itinerary, which links three emblematic sites in the Deza region: the Fervenza do Toxa waterfall, A Carixa Swimming Area and Monastery of Carboeiro.

Start and finish points indiscriminately:
42º45'20,59''' N 8º16'21,24''' W (Fervenza do Toxa)
42º32'42,80''' N 8º19'54,63''' W (Monastery of Carboeiro)

Length of itinerary: 6 km
Time (one way): 2 hours
Degree of difficulty: Low

The Deza trail is classified as a Short Itinerary (PRG 18) and features signposting indicating the right way. You can begin at any of the points, since they all have an area for parking vehicles.

The route is about 6 km long. Beginning at Fervenza do Toxa, and after contemplating from the viewpoints this natural wonder (a waterfall more than 70 metres high), we go down towards the foot of the cascade to accompany the River Toxa in its final metres before flowing into the Deza. We cross this river over an iron bridge to reach the chapel of San Paio and, further on, the locality of Merza. We continue as far as the A Carixa swimming area, and after quite a difficult ascent, we turn off to the right via the place called A Portela (although we could take a shortcut by continuing up the road towards the Baños da Brea spa, linking up with the old trail leading to Carboeiro).

Once we reach the place called A Portela, we continue along the trail parallel to the river, following the signs, until we come to the medieval road crossing the medieval bridge. It has been rebuilt several times and is also called Ponte do Demo (Devil’s Bridge); this will take us to the Benedictine monastery of San Lourenzo de Carboeiro, founded in the 10th century and considered Galicia’s best example of the transitional Romanesque style (also known as ogival Romanesque).

You can also begin the route in the Monastery of Carboeiro, with the advantage of better surveillance for your car.

How to get there
The beginning of the route is accessed from the village of A Bandeira, located on the N-525 road, which links Ourense and Santiago de Compostela. Then, from A Bandeira, you have to head towards the parish of Pazos along the PO-204 road that goes from Merza to Vila de Cruces.


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Deza Trail
Deza Trail

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