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The route starts in the village of Zobra and features Monte Rebexa, the summit of A Ágoa, the village of Trigueira (parish of Zobra), the Deza River System, the village of Portomartín, the bridge over the Zobra River (tributary of the Deza) and the village of A Moa, ending in the Zobra preserve. The trail includes optional turnoffs, such as the one leading to Ameixedo (Forcarei).

The route is of medium difficulty and is about 20 km long; it therefore takes about 8 hours to complete. It can be followed on foot, by bike (high difficulty due to steep slopes) and by motorized vehicle (trail bike or quad).

The entire itinerary is well signposted, with information panels at several points.

You can see a map of the route HERE

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Circular Trail of Zobra
Circular Trail of Zobra

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Parroquia de Santa Mariña de Zobra (Serra do Candán), Lalín, 36519