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The River Furelos route is 15 km long. Its technical difficulty is moderate and it takes about 4 hours to complete. It begins in the village of San Salvador and ends in the parish of Santa María de Melide.

This route mainly runs alongside the River Furelos. We can therefore enjoy its great scenic beauty and that of its recreational area, which is suitably equipped for leisure and relaxation. It also follows a short section of the French Road to Santiago, along which thousands of pilgrims travel every year. Moreover, it includes other very attractive resources such as several characteristic Galician villages (Santa María, Moldes, Furelos…) and their churches, the medieval bridge of Furelos or traditional constructions such as waterwheels, “hórreos” (stone granaries) and stone crosses.


Start: Village of San Salvador
End: Village of Santa María de Melide

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River Furelos Route
River Furelos Route

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Aldea de Santa María, Melide, 15809