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The As Canteiras da Pedra Mona Route runs through different population centres, one in the municipality of Cuntis (Magán) and two in that of A Estrada (Requián and Vilariño). The link between the three villages is in Xesteiras, the summit of the mountain dominating the Ulla-Umia and Taberós regions.

The route enables you to discover its natural and cultural heritage. Cork groves, carballeiras (oak groves), pools and unique stones such as Las Escorregadas, that of El Águia or A Mona, bordering three municipalities; ethnography exemplified in the old muleteer trail and in waterwheels, “hórreos” (stone granaries), barns and fountains; and outstanding ecclesiastical buildings such as the chapel of Santa Lucía and that of Los Milagros. All in a beautiful setting featuring matchless views of the mouth of the River Ulla.

Municipalities through which the route runs: A Estrada, Cuntis
Start and finish: Requián
Physical difficulty: High
Difficulty of terrain: Medium
Time: 4 hours
Distance: 14 kilometres


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Requián, A Estrada, 36683