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This route goes through the parishes of Novefontes, Fao and Ribeira, all in the municipality of Touro. It is 15 kilometres long, featuring several stages with important stops:

• Ponte Basebe: The carballeira (oak grove) and the pool on the River Ulla at the beginning of the tourist route, make up one of the most scenic spots in the entire municipality of Touro.

Sobreiral (“cork grove”): Approximately 3 kilometres from the beginning of the route, we come across a 400-metre-long cork grove.

Fervenza do Inferniño waterfall: At approximately km 4, there is one of this route’s most outstanding beauty spots.

• Ouriceiras: Another outstanding element is the series of ouriceiras (an enclosure of stones where chestnuts are dried) that we can find throughout the itinerary.

• Bosque do Pego: The route enters this forest at approximately km 8. Due to its luxuriance and large area, with native species in excellent condition, this woodland is considered an outstanding enclave of this route and the entire municipality.

Pozo de Pego: Located at the end of the route. This pool on the River Ulla is surrounded by an impressive native forest, which makes it a highly valued enclave among the municipality’s tourist areas.

Most of the route is easily accessed. The estimated time for completing it is 4 hours.

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Start of route: Ponte Basebe (coordinates: 42o49’32.22’’N / 8o16’16.80’’W)

NOTE: The exact coordinates of all routes in the municipality of Touro are available in an application for mobile phones.


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Ribeira do Ulla Route PR-G 93
Ribeira do Ulla Route PR-G 93

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Ponte Basebe , Touro, 36586