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Mountain biking is a healthy way of enjoying nature. The BTT “A Rapa das Bestas” Route introduces us to the cultural and scenic values of one of the traditions that has shaped the municipality of A Estrada’s identity. The route runs through the mountainous area of Sabucedo, featuring great scenic variety and close contact with nature.

The route is 55 kilometres long, of medium-high difficulty and takes approximately 5-7 hours to complete. It starts and ends in A Estrada, running through the parishes of Ouzande, Somoza, Nigoi, Codeseda, Soto and Arca.

Download the PDF HERE with the entire route.


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BTT “A Rapa das Bestas” Route
BTT “A Rapa das Bestas” Route

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Pavillón Polideportivo Manuel Coto Ferreiro, A Estrada, 36680