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To study in Santiago

Nowadays, many thousands of students and professionals are aware of the importance of the Spanish language. In an increasingly globalised world, the need for learning a language spoken by more than 400 million people is a must for those interesting in acquiring an up-to-date education, one that will guarantee their professional future.

The study of Spanish has experienced a boom in recent years. In the USA it has become the language spoken and studied the most after English. The same is true in many European schools, where Spanish is now the main optional language, often surpassing German, French or Italian. This growing interest in our language means that Spanish is now the second language spoken the most in the world.

The academic prestige of the University of Santiago de Compostela, one of the most renowned and oldest in Spain, is a great reason for studying Spanish in Santiago de Compostela. All the more so if we take into account the fact that its good reputation can be extended to the rest of the city’s Spanish schools. 

Thanks to Santiago de Compostela’s University and private schools, the city offers a wide and varied range of Spanish language and culture courses (summer, six-month, autumn, etc). These include specialised training courses for Spanish teachers, preparatory courses for DELE, individual classes, conversation classes, business Spanish, etc. Furthermore, Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, is the ideal place for becoming acquainted with the particularities of the Galician culture and learning Galician, a language spoken by 3 million people that is related to Portuguese and Brazilian.

10 good reasons for choosing Santiago de Compostela:

  1. Important milestones throughout HISTORY have left their mark on the city..
  2. The final destination of the WAY that bears its name, a holy city, a beacon of Christendom and the CAPITAL OF GALICIA.
  3. A World HERITAGE City, an open-air museum, in which, apart from the old town, you will be surprised by its CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE and the urban design of the city’s new districts.
  4. A five-hundred-year-old UNIVERSITY with almost 30,000 students and about 2,000 lecturers and researchers, which gives Santiago exceptional educational interest and great VITALITY.
  5. Santiago has an extremely interesting cultural programme. Theatre, cinema, music, dance festivals and artistic expressions liven up Compostela’s CULTURAL LIFE day and night.
  6. Santiago, like the rest of Galicia, offers first-rate GASTRONOMY.
  7. We will make you feel at home, because HOSPITALITY is one of our best renowned characteristics.
  8. Although the city has a reputation for rainy winters, we enjoy a PRIVILEGED CLIMATE with mild temperatures throughout the year.
  9. SUSTAINABLE CITY with an extensive network of parks, the largest in Galicia.
  10. Santiago is a city that is VERY SAFE and habitable, in which you can enjoy wandering around its streets at any time of the day or night.


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To study in Santiago
To study in Santiago