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VEDRA is a small municipality in A Coruña province, with an area of 53 km2; it is located to the southwest of Santiago de Compostela, on the north riverbank of the Ulla, which forms a natural boundary with Pontevedra province. Its territory is made up of 12 parishes, with a population of 5,032 inhabitants (Census 2012).

It is 16 km from the capital of Galicia, with which it is linked by road by means of the N-525 Santiago-Ourense road, which meets the AC-241 (A Ponte Ulla-Pontevea) road in A Ponte Ulla. You can also get here by train with the A Coruña-Ourense high-speed line (see Renfe) and by means of the AP-53 (Santiago-Ourense) motorway, taking the first exit (Ribadulla: A Ponte Ulla, km 14). Two bus services by the Monbús and Seoane companies link each of the parishes with Santiago.

This valley’s characteristic microclimate makes it the ideal place for agriculture, as seen in the existence of meadows, vegetable gardens and vineyards, which produce the Rías Baixas – Subzona Ribeira do Ulla wine variety (with a Protected Designation of Origin).



“Pazos” and Camellias
Apart from religious constructions, the “pazos” (country manors) of Santa Cruz de Ribadulla (Monument of Cultural Interest), Ximonde, Vista Alegre, etc., stand out. The ancient nobles and lords were the promoters of beautiful gardens, such as those of Pazo de Santa Cruz, which belongs to the Camelia Route; this flower abounds in Vedra, filling the winter with colour.

“Vía de la Plata”
A Ponte Ulla is the starting point of the penultimate stage of the “Vía de la Plata,” the longest Jacobean itinerary. This route, which is an extension of an old Roman road that linked Compostela with the south of the Iberian Peninsula, helped pilgrims to reach the Apostle’s tomb.

Rías Baixas – Subzona Ribeira do Ulla Wine Route
The winemaking region known as “A Ulla” is located at the doors of Santiago de Compostela, in the middle course of the River Ulla. This route introduces us to vineyards, wineries and our vine growers’ ancient knowledge, familiarising us with the wine culture.

Festivals and Gastronomy
Throughout the year, but especially during the summer, numerous celebrations are held in the municipality’s 12 parishes. Religious festivities and “romerías” (pilgrimages) abound in this valley. However, gastronomy events are the most outstanding, especially the Wine Festival, la Pig's Ear Festival, Eau-de-Vie Festival, Carneiro ao Espeto Festival, Porco á Brasa Festival
Due to its singularity, it is worth mentioning the Ulla Carnival, with its famous generals and dispatch riders on horseback.

Nature and Leisure
Vedra features many alternatives for your complete enjoyment. It is worth highlighting its outdoor activities and routes in contact with nature, which reveal the municipality’s beauty and diversity.
Throughout the year, there is a wide range of cultural, social and sports activities. Varied initiatives such as trekking or cycling, sailing along the Ulla in canoes or boats, fishing in the Ximonde Preserve, resting in recreational areas… are good excuses for discovering Vedra.


Tourist Office: Picón, 2. San Pedro de Vilanova (N-524 road, km 326)
Open at Easter and in July and August; Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm and 4 to 7 pm
Tel. (+34) 981 512 482 – 981 814 612

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