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TRAZO is located in the rural area north of Santiago de Compostela, 19 km from the capital of Galicia via secondary roads (CP-7804 and CP-5903), and 50 km from A Coruña via the N-550 road.

The municipality has 3,433 inhabitants (according to the 2012 Census), divided among 11 parishes, with a population density of 34 inhab./km2. The administrative centre is in Viaño Pequeño.

Trazo lies on a plateau with a slight inclination towards the River Tambre, into which the Restande and Langüelle rivers flow, forming tranquil and striking valleys that have remained largely unchanged by man’s presence. These rivers are the centre of the municipality’s tourist activity in the form of recreational areas, free fishing areas and riverside walks. The rural accommodation establishments spread throughout the municipal territory complete this range of tourist services.


River Tambre
The River Tambre serves as the municipal boundary with Santiago de Compostela. The beautiful scenery that is forms along with its tributaries led to its inclusion as a SCI in the Natura 2000 Network, a protection status of high ecological value for the leafy riverside forests that it houses. Its right-hand bank features recreational and fishing areas.

Chaián Recreational Area
Trazo’s main attraction is the Chaián recreational area, which includes a beach suitable for bathing. It is a site surrounded by oaks and chestnut trees, where picnic areas have been set up. A lot of visitors make the most of its proximity to Santiago to rest in a pleasant, peaceful area. Another picturesque place is Recuncho de Ponte Albar.

In addition to the scenery and recreation, another attraction of these river basins is fishing. Apart from the Chaián fishing preserve, there are free fishing areas on the River Tambre (at Ponte Albar), Chonia and Lengüelle, with trout and chub being the main species.

River fishing, agricultural production and stockbreeding have given rise to the municipality’s three gastronomy events: the Festa do Escalo (Chub Festival) at the beginning of July, the Festa do Chourizo (Chorizo Festival) (Sunday during the Carnival festival) and the Festa do Grelo (Turnip Top Festival) in March. Trazo’s restaurants normally serve traditional cuisine.

Rural Tourism
The peace and quiet that characterise the agricultural landscape and leafy riverside forests, are positive aspects highly valued by the tourists staying in the municipality’s different types of rural tourism establishments, whether rural tourism cottages or holiday homes.

+ info:
Tourist Office: Viaño Pequeño, 14
Tel (+34) 981 68 90 01

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