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"In Galicia, eating is always a pleasure."

For All Tastes

In Santiago there is an excellent representation of Galician catering, in its different formats: from select restaurants, charming eating establishments called ‘casas de comidas’, octopus restaurant and tempting seafood restaurants, to ‘in’ establishments, where the chefs of Galicia’s new cuisine create trends. And also characteristic grillrooms, and steak houses, the result of the massive emigration of Galicians to Argentina, or typical, busy delicatessen bars, wine bars, and ‘tabernas’, that serve ‘tapas’, -small morsels, sometimes succulent, that, in most places, are served free here with your drink-portions, –typical local products normally ordered to be shared among several people-‘pinchos’, (small portions for one person) and boards, –of cold meats, cheeses or pâtés.

Naturally, in the city there is a good selection of the regional cuisines –Basque, Castilian, Mediterranean, etc- making up the large family of Spanish gastronomy, in addition to vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and the main culinary traditions of the world: Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Palestinian, Moroccan, Turkish, Brazilian and others.

The fact that Santiago is a university city also guarantees a good range of low-cost set meals, in countless establishments throughout the city.

There are also three gastronomy markets. On the one hand, Nave (Building) 5, located within the “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market), features several restaurants for eating onsite or taking away. On the other hand, La Galiciana occupies a 1,200-square-metre building where you can try traditional and avant-garde Galician and international dishes. Diners share long tables as if participating in a traditional Galician festival. Finally, Mercado Boanerges houses fourteen stands each with its own specialty: octopus, fish, seafood, canned food, algae, meat, eggs, cheese, bread and ice-cream. The first floor features a restaurant serving updated traditional cuisine and an auteur cocktail bar.

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