Casa Grande de Fuentemayor
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Casa Grande de Fuentemayor

Traditional Galician

This rural accommodation’s restaurant serves traditional Galician cuisine with an abundance offresh produce, much of which is home-produced. Its specialities include Galician stew and meat and fish dishes such as free-range capon, baked ham foreleg, stewed shank and anglerfish in prawn sauce.

The establishment offers a range of customised services: family celebrations, company events, lunches for day-trippers… It also features a variety of spaces: Salón Fuentemayor (hall), inside the rural house; a porch in Casa del Horno, a marquee in the garden and a glazed enclosure near the swimming pool.

CAPACITY: 180 [The capacity data had been submitted by the owner]


GROUPS: Min. a couple, max. 180 people

NOTE. It only opens for events booked in advance.

NOTE. Data had been submitted by the owner. 

Covas, 2 - Cortegada
galician, english, spanish
Carta en english, spanish
Wi-fi Terraza (tables outside) Reservations Parking space

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Casa Grande de Fuentemayor
Casa Grande de Fuentemayor