Obra Pía de San Antón
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Very close to Santiago: Melide

Obra Pía de San Antón, a baroque “pazo” (country manor) with a chapel from the 17th century, was founded in 1671 by the Melide archbishop Mateo Segade Bugeiro, on a plot with a house that belonged to his family. Originally intended for educational purposes, it is also known as A Colexiata. It has housed the town council since 1960.

The design of the baroque chapel’s façade is attributed to Domingo de Andrade, the most famous Galician architect of that time.

Located beside the church of San Antón.

Open: 8.30 am to 3 pm
Address: Praza do Convento
Telephone: 981 505 003
Fax: 981 506 203
E-mail: alcaldia@concellodemelide.org
Web: www.concellodemelide.org

Use: religious

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Obra Pía de San Antón
Obra Pía de San Antón

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Plaza Convento, Melide, 15800
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Town Hall