Chapel of San Roque
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Very close to Santiago: Melide

The present-day chapel of San Roque was built in 1949, with material from the demolished medieval churches of San Pedro and San Roque.

Its main façade, from the beginning of the 14th century, is one of the most beautiful of Galicia's medieval art. It is framed by two bulwarks with a slight projection, made up of three semi-circular archivolts, featuring elements that clearly reflect Gothic aesthetics: columns with small shafts and high bases, and capitals with plant decorations.

Beside the church there is a Gothic stone cross, the oldest in Galicia, probably dating from the 14th century. The obverse depicts a seated Christ in Majesty, showing the wouns on his hands, crowned, with a cloth covering his legs. The back depicts a Calvary scene.



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Chapel of San Roque
Chapel of San Roque

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Rúa Cantón de San Roque, Melide, 15800
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Church with regular worship