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Fervenza do Salto das Pombas is located in the parish of Cornado, in the municipality of Touro. It is situated on the River Lañas, a tributary of the Ulla that flows through the municipality of Touro from north to south, dropping steeply in its final section, where it forms several rapids and cascades. The highest waterfall drops about 10 metres between metamorphic rocks.

The surroundings of the cascade are made up of meadows, woodland with native and reforested vegetation, and riverside forests.

How to get there
You can reach the surroundings via the road from Fonte Díaz to Cornado and after crossing the bridge over the river, in the place where there are several waterwheels, take the PR-Gr 121 route. You can also get there from Touro via the road to Fao.

NOTE: The exact coordinates of the entire municipality of Touro’s natural monuments are available in an application for mobile phones.


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Fervenza do Salto das Pombas
Fervenza do Salto das Pombas

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Cornado, Touro, 15822