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Fervenza do Inferniño is located in the parish of Novefontes, in the municipality of Touro. This waterfall is found on Regato dos Fungos, a tributary of the Ulla that drops steeply in height.

The surroundings are made up of woodland, with riverside vegetation and bushes, as well as meadows used to feed local cattle.

Fervenza do Inferniño is one of the key spots along the PR-Gr 93 Tourist Route (Ponte Basebe – Pozo do Pego).

How to get there
You can get there by following the “Ponte Basebe – Pozo do Pego” PR-Gr 93 trekking route. You can also drive there along a track that goes down in front of the church of Novefontes to the intersection with the trekking route, where there is a signpost.

NOTE: The exact coordinates of the entire municipality of Touro’s natural monuments are available in an application for mobile phones.

Photos: José López (Jolope)



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Fervenza do Inferniño
Fervenza do Inferniño

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Novefontes, Touro, 36586