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Fervenza das Hortas is one of the natural borders between the municipalities of Arzúa and Touro. It consists of two waterfalls, on gneiss mixed with quartz, about 30 metres high, on the Regato de Saíes, according to the book “Augascaídas. Fervenzas de Galiza”.

At the top there is the Muíño dos Agro waterwheel, located on the Touro riverbank.

Fervenza das Hortas is also known as Fervenza de Santa Marta, due to a legend associated with this place. According to the traditional tale, a girl who used to go the waterwheel to grind flour became pregnant by her boyfriend. When he found out, the boy rejected her and, one night, he pushed her off the top of the waterfall. While she was falling, the girl exclaimed: “Santa Marta me vaia!” (“St. Marta help me!”). She was then miraculously saved by an oak tree growing over the water, which broke her fall.


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Fervenza das Hortas
Fervenza das Hortas

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Hortas, Dombodán, Arzúa, 15819