Bridge of San Xoán de Furelos

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Medieval bridge over the River Furelos, considered one of the gems of civil architecture on the Way of St. James, undoubtedly the most beautiful of all those on the French route’s Galician section. It is mentioned in the “Tumbos de Sobrado” documents (12th century). It was partially altered in the 18th century.

It is 50 metres long and 3.7 metres wide. It is made up of four unequal semi-circular arches, with straight facing from the arches to the splays. The three pilasters have triangular cutwaters up river and buttresses down river. The splay has a pointed profile above the main arch.

The segments of the arches, the bases of the vaults and the facing on the pilasters are made of masonry, possibly brought from Pambre. The rest are characteristic materials of Melide: the facing, the plaster filling of the vaults and splays are made of black stone that be found in the surroundings of Melide, mainly amphibolite and ultrabasic.



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Furelos, Melide, 15809