Church of San Vicenzo de Vitiriz

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The Church of San Vicenzo de Vitiriz is one of the most interesting in the Melide region. From an architectural point of view, its origin is related to the worship of Rocamador, a popular French sanctuary. In fact, the Guild of Rocamador was founded in 1692, made up entirely of abbots, and holds its annual mass on the Thursday after Corpus.

The church is in the Gothic style, from the 14th century. The ground plan features a single nave, with a rectangular apse. Above the nave there is a rose window made of stone, the only one of its kind among the churches in the Melide region, with an Agnus Dei at the top of the apse.

Perhaps the church’s most outstanding feature is the corbels, all of which are magnificently carved. Inside there is a semi-circular arch of triumph. The altarpiece features an image of Our Lady that is reminiscent of 15th-century designs, although it seems to be from a later period.



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Church of San Vicenzo de Vitiriz
Church of San Vicenzo de Vitiriz

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Vitiriz, Melide, 15805
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