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Every Sunday, a hundred stalls make up Melide’s Market. Textile, footwear, leatherwork and agricultural products are some of the articles on sale in this busy market. The day of “Feira Grande” takes place on the last Sunday every month. It is the second-most important cattle fair in Galicia.

Since its origin, Melide has been an essentially commercial town. Melide’s shops open every day of the week, including Sunday. Natural agricultural products, such as fruit and vegetables, are sold in the open-air market of Praza das Coles, where local farmers sell their produce. On the other hand, characteristic local products, such as pork, honey, cheese or bread, can be purchased in Praza da Alfóndega.


Open: From 8 am to 3.30 pm.

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Sunday Market and “Feria Grande”
Sunday Market and “Feria Grande”

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Praza Alfóndega, Melide, 15800