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Market that is held on the 4th and 17th every month from 9 am to 2 pm approximately. It is held between Praza do Concello and Calle Campo da Feira in Vila de Cruces. It is a traditional market with stalls offering the following products: clothes, footwear, accessories, craftwork, plants, fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. The market covers an area of around 5,000 square metres.

The market on February 4 stands out since it coincides with the Chorizo Festival. At this event, from noon onwards, chorizos, crepes and wine are served to all in attendance. The market on November 3 is also special, coinciding with the Chestnut Festival and a fair featuring traditional farm products. Starting at noon, a traditional magosto festival is held and chestnuts and wine are served to those in attendance.

Apart from these festivals, a Christmas Fair is held on December 22. At this event, the galo de curral (cockerel) is exhibited and there is a tasting of the product.

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Vila de Cruces Market
Vila de Cruces Market

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Praza do Concello, Vila de Cruces, 36590