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The Cattle Fair, part of the International Fair of Galicia and managed by the Semana Verde Foundation, replaced the old Cattle Market, which was already being held in 1801 in the town centre. It has now been moved to the International Showground and is governed by the bidding system, but with the characteristic of being the only computerized one in Spain.

Held: Every Tuesday throughout the year

The Centre features a marketing model based on the public bidding system that excludes the intermediary, which guarantees transparency in transactions between buyers and sellers, thereby avoiding haggling and enabling both parties to establish their economic conditions for undertaking transactions.

The cattle market of the “Lonxa Agropecuaria de Galicia” (the Centre’s original name) arose in 1981 to facilitate the sale of agricultural products, since it was necessary to adapt supply and demand to each another and, above all, to replace traditional buying and selling with systems more in line with new market tendencies. It was thereby decided to prepare a building where buyers and sellers could deal with each other, although it would not be until 1994 when its computerized system started functioning. From then on, with the system implemented, each buyer values the animal that he wants to buy and presents his offer, which can only be accessed by the Galician Agricultural Centre’s workers. Once the market staff has received the offers, these are computerised and the highest price for each animal is displayed on a screen, enabling the seller to decide whether he accepts the price or not. A process with clear advantages for both buyer and seller.

Galician-style octopus, tripe and meat dishes are available.

Open: During the morning.


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