Albergue de Vedra

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Albergue de Vedra

The Vedra hostel is located at the end of the 12th stage of the Southeast Road, only 16.3 km from Santiago de Compostela. After a steep ascent along trails through woodland (beside the Central Galician Dual Carriageway), you come to this newly built hostel that was opened in the summer of 2006.

It has two common rooms with 16 bunk beds in each. It is open all year with an admission time from 1 to 10 pm, without the possibility of leaving after closing time. Pilgrims have to present their official pass (no bookings allowed) and it costs € 6.

It has a fridge, drink and coffee vending machine, drying place, washing machine (€ 3.30), mobile phone signal, plugs for charging mobile phones, enclosed area for bikes and horses can be kept outside.

The Vedra hostel is located in the middle of the country, at the end of an ascent. The local CP-1202 road passes by it, linking with the N-525 road (Santiago-Ourense) 500 m away in Lestedo.
The rural surroundings feature vineyards, “hórreos” (small stone-and-wooden granaries) and the chapel and fountain of Santiaguiño, as well as the magnificent Pazo de Ribadulla that is nearby.


Cooking facilities, Dining room, Electrical socket, Hot-water showers, Individual heating, Laundry, Lounge

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Albergue de Vedra
Outeiro, s/n, San Pedro de Vilanova, Vedra, 15880
630 941 288