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Tartas Lestedo is a company based in the municipality of Boqueixón, whose main activity is the production of top-quality bread and confectionery products that are renowned throughout Galicia and beyond. Its production process is based on combining top-quality ingredients with the tradition and experience of many years, which explains why its cakes and pies are so popular.

The following products stand out:
- The famous “Tarta de Lestedo” (cheese cake): This is perhaps the brand’s best-known product, with the greatest presence throughout Spain. It is a dessert with a biscuit base, a cheese filling and a top layer of strawberry jam.
- “Tarta de Orujo,” a cake made with Galician eau-de-vie.
- “Tarta de Santiago Lestedo” (almond cake), endorsed by the “Tarta de Santiago” Protected Designation of Origin, which guarantees that it has been made under the specifications and controls established by the Regulations.
- Other cake varieties: apple pie, fruits of the forest cake, chocolate cake, almond cake…
- Artisan bread made with local flour.
- Pies with different fillings: tuna, cod, meat, cod and raisins, variegated scallop, octopus, chicken…

Official shop in Lestedo: Alimentación Mª del Carmen.

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Lestedo Cakes
Lestedo Cakes

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Lg. Pazos, 19 - Lestedo, Boqueixón, 15881
+34 981 502 027
Mon-Sat: 8.30 am-10 pm. Sun: 9 am-3 pm