Cortes de Muar Artisan Cheese Factory

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Cortes de Muar is a company run by the second generation of a family of artisan cheese-makers from the Deza region, a beautiful valley in the centre of Galicia. Their cheeses are made in a traditional and ecological way, resulting in a limited production characterised by care and dedication.

Their way of working is backed by years of experience; although far removed from today’s serial production systems, it is the basis of an excellent product with a unique taste that evokes tradition, a soft and creamy texture that can only be obtained from a slow production method, and a sweet and pleasant aroma.

Apart from the care and affection that goes into each cheese, it is essential to use quality ingredients. Cortes de Muar obtains the best milk from local suppliers, whose cows graze freely in fields of fresh, green grass and are gathered into barns to rest at night.

Cheese factory: Negreiros 6, Silleda
Point of sale: La Trigonella shop, Bautizados 10, Santiago

More information

Negreiros, 6, Silleda, 36547
+34 609 809 006
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am-7 pm. Saturday: by appointment