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Ultra_Alimento is located in Lalín’s “Plaza de Abastos” (marketplace); this shop specialises in local products and products in bulk, with a grocer’s-like image and home delivery service using bikes and baskets featuring a nutrition-based menu.

It has created four spaces for its products:

- km0 local vegetable garden and seasonal produce, obtained under sustainability criteria. The local producers are the ones in charge of looking after their vegetable gardens and larders, free of chemicals.

- km40 is the space devoted to dairy products, natural products and other ingredients. This involves producers from bordering localities such as Forcarei, Melide, Covas de Rey, Monterroso, Vila de Cruces, Sarria, Chantada, A Estrada, Silleda and O Carballiño.

- km70 represents the distance between the region and access to sea products. In this area, decorated with old wooden boxes used for transporting fish, there are foods such as algae, seafaring biscuits, algae bread, etc.

- kmJUSTO is designed to be a meeting place for people interested in fair trade products.

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Ultra_Alimento Local Products
Ultra_Alimento Local Products

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Praza de Abastos, s/n, Lalín, 36500
+34 617 461 723
Mon-Sat: 9 am-2 pm