A Peneira Bakery/Cake Shop

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An establishment that makes and sells bread, pies and confectionery. It is located in Fonte Díaz, capital of the municipality of Touro.

This establishment features highly experienced staff and specialised equipment. Its most popular products, apart from artisan bread rolls and sticks, are Galician pie, apple pie and larpeira cake.

At the Market of the 5th, you can also buy cornbread, raisin rye bread and artisan Brioche bread.

Special orders are accepted.

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A Peneira Bakery/Cake Shop
A Peneira Bakery/Cake Shop

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Bispo Diéguez Reboredo, 50 baixo - Fonte Díaz, Touro, 15822
+34 981 517 029
Mon-Sun: 7 am-11 pm