O curral do Galo Celta

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Galo Celta is the commercial brand of this visitable chicken farm, which breeds cockerels classified as 100% “Gallo de Mos” (Galician breed).

By means of artisanal work, the search for excellence and R+D+i, the farm produces the following chicken products: 100% Galician eggs and meat, 5th-range products (stocks, roast chicken and 40-day-old chicks), cuts from 9-month-old chickens, vacuum-packed chicken, canned chicken and pies made with 9-month-year-old chickens and chestnut flour. This production is endorsed by the Xunta de Galicia’s artisanal chicken-breeding decree.

The farm, by means of its work and daily chores, is a tourist attraction that promotes agricultural tourism by opening its doors to all those who want to visit it and learn about its everyday activity. It also organises packages for companies and groups, which can combine their meetings with visits to the farm and a meal. 

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Vilariño - Añobre, Vila de Cruces, 36585
618 080 679