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Sandwiches, salads, drinks and aperitifs. Located in Centro Comercial As Cancelas. 
Exquisite charcoal-grilled dishes featuring the market’s best ingredients.  
Dishes and aperitifs of Galician cuisine in a café bar and minimalist restaurant, with a cultural space for events.  
Santiago’s only Relais & Châteaux restaurant, located in a charming hotel and spa called A Quinta da Auga. Traditional Galician...
Specialists in the best charcoal-grilled Galician meat.  
Self-service restaurant serving homemade food, specialising in Tia Maria-flavoured cod and roast pork knuckle.  
American fast-food chain specialising in hamburgers.    
Carefully prepared fresh Galician produce and experts in Japanese cuisine characterise this top-quality restaurant.  
Grill restaurant specialising in meat, seafood and fish dishes.  
Restaurant of FincaTrecePinos that organises gastronomic or festive events on demand, open to any number of diners. It features personalised,...