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Sandwiches, salads, drinks and aperitifs. Located in Centro Comercial As Cancelas. 
Cantina do Gaiás, un espacio para disfrutar del arte, la gastronomía y el diseño situado en la  Ciudad de la Cultura de...
Exquisite charcoal-grilled dishes featuring the market’s best ingredients.  
Dishes and aperitifs of Galician cuisine in a café bar and minimalist restaurant, with a cultural space for events.  
Santiago’s only Relais & Châteaux restaurant, located in a charming hotel and spa called A Quinta da Auga. Traditional Galician...
Specialists in the best charcoal-grilled Galician meat.  
Self-service restaurant serving homemade food, specialising in Tia Maria-flavoured cod and roast pork knuckle.  
American fast-food chain specialising in hamburgers.    
Carefully prepared fresh Galician produce and experts in Japanese cuisine characterise this top-quality restaurant.  
Grill restaurant specialising in meat, seafood and fish dishes.