Xabier Díaz + Adufeiras de Salitre
Xabier Díaz + Adufeiras de Salitre
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Xabier Díaz + Adufeiras de Salitre

The musician from A Coruña Xabier Díaz concludes a very personal trilogy in the company of As Adufeiras de Salitre with his album As Catedrais Silenciadas. This work culminates a process that began in 2015 and whose differential element is the ensemble of female vocalists and percussionists.

In these four years there are hardly any villages in Galicia that have not been mentioned or visited by the musician. His compositions, in many cases, are based on research work, listening to the songs of women in the countryside, and, on the other hand, giving them his own particular touch. His music, the influences from other latitudes and his new lyrics bring freshness to a raw material typical of the northwest.

This latest work updates different types of musical forms: there are pasodobles like No Salón das Cereixas, jotas like Illas de Sal, alalás like the title track, ribeiranas like Tentenublo, muiñeiras and agarrados like Vilar de Cabeiras 2.0.

The album is reaping the best historical data for the project: three consecutive months in the Top Ten of the World Music Charts Europe and entry in the Top of the World section of the prestigious magazine Songlines (August-September issue). In this section, the editors choose the 10 best albums of each month from all over the world.

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Xabier Díaz + Adufeiras de Salitre
Xabier Díaz + Adufeiras de Salitre

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