Vida de Cans - Talía Teatro
Vida de Cans - Talía Teatro
23/01/2020 - 26/01/2020
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Vida de Cans - Talía Teatro

Three actors. Three dogs. Or three actors playing dogs. While still being actors. While still being dogs. They are confined in a compound prepared for them by their master. Very large, very comfortable, very pleasant, very clean... but enclosure. Well treated, well cared for, well fed, well stroked... but confined. Outside the enclosure is freedom. With its discomforts, its uncertainties, its problems, its dangers... but freedom. Each of the three faces the conflict according to his personality. Or according to their dognality. And it all leads to a tragedy... that never ceases to be comedy. Absurd comedy. Parodic comedy. Metaphorical comedy.

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Vida de Cans - Talía Teatro
Vida de Cans - Talía Teatro

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Salón Teatro
Rúa Nova, 34, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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THU-SAT: 20:30
SUN: 18:00



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THU-SAT: 10 € (discounts 50%)
SUN: 6 €