​Viaxe á Lúa - Voadora
​Viaxe á Lúa - Voadora
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​Viaxe á Lúa - Voadora

Oklahoma. 1989. Someone finds a manuscript in a bedside table. It is Trip to the moon, an unpublished film script by Lorca - the only one written by the poet and playwright from Granada - which had remained hidden for 60 years. The text belonged to the widow of Emilio Amero, a Mexican surrealist painter and director who met Lorca in 1929 in New York. Lorca wrote 71 sequences by hand in a lined notebook and gave the text to Amero as a gift. "Do what you want with this", he seems to have told him. Amero never shot the film.

Trip to the moon is a succession of surrealist scenes, apparently unconnected, but which in reality form a dense network of symbols that connect fully with Lorca's universe: mourning women, harlequins, nocturnal frenzy, a crying child, men in dark alleys, vomit, violence? Written during his stay in New York, one gets the impression that Lorca poured into this text certain striking symbols and images that he distilled from his New York imaginary, although at the same time he could not or would not escape the rich symbolism related to his childhood, his infantile frustrations, his pain. Reading the text, one has the sensation of entering a world affected by speed, technique and aggressiveness, where the notions of travel - through space and time -, of displacement and dislocation, also interior, take on great importance.

In this dreamlike framework, sexual images are combined with violent images of mistreated people and animals and disturbing, dangerous situations, but there are also flowers and "cheesy" cinema kisses. We will never know how or why Lorca wrote this film script. In some sequences the text has the appearance of automatic writing or a first draft. In any case, it is not a typical film script. Although there are some technical indications, it is essentially a poetic text.

At times a dream, at times a nightmare,  Trip to the moon was sleeping for many decades waiting to be awakened.



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​Viaxe á Lúa - Voadora
​Viaxe á Lúa - Voadora

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