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Vespa velutina: unha invasión imparable

The Asian wasp is an invasive alien species that currently poses one of the greatest threats to our biodiversity. Since it appeared in Galicia just 8 years ago, its expansion in our territory seems unstoppable and today it is present in more than 250 Galician town councils.

For the realization of the exhibition the Museum had the collaboration of the Galician Association of Beekeeping (AGA), the CIFP Polytechnic of Santiago and different research groups of the Galician universities.

The design of the exhibition includes dioramas, panels, audiovisuals and specimens of the different types of nests and wasps, which help to recognise it and to understand its biology and behaviour.

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Vespa velutina: unha invasión imparable
Vespa velutina: unha invasión imparable

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USC Natural History Museum
Parque de Vistalegre, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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