The Great Greta
[For children]
The Great Greta
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The Great Greta is a multidisciplinary show that combines dance, humour and circus to bring to the stage an ode to strange people, who break away from the stereotypes that exist in today's society. The absurd situations, the music, the specially designed set design objects and a peculiar protagonist will make the adventures of The Great Greta surprise all kinds of audiences.

Recommended age: >5 years

Artistic specifications

Original idea: Greta Marí
Director: Paula Quintas
Assistant director: Arturo Cobas
Cast: Greta Marí
Lighting and set design: As dúas e punto
Sound design: Sara Martínez
Costumes: Vanessa Parente
Graphic design photo and video: Sonia García
Production: Greta Marí and Beatriz López

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The Great Greta
The Great Greta

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Teatro Principal
Rúa Nova, 22, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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The Great Greta
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