The Dead South + Elliott Brood
The Dead South + Elliott Brood
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The Dead South + Elliott Brood

The Dead South, a quartet from Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada), continue to present their third album "Sugar & Joy", a bluegrass album for those who think it's a genre that won't appeal to them. The Dead South's sound is the sound of their birthplace, Saskatchewan, a province in Canada twice the size of Germany, but with less than a million residents. The surprising part of this story is the tremendous success that has followed the band since they posted their first video on YouTube in 2014.

Since then, each of their tours has doubled the numbers of the previous one, and they have already performed at festivals such as Glastonbury and Red Rocks, with a frenetic live show that manages to grab the audience show by show, with large doses of energy and a well-worked instrumentation based on cello, mandolin, banjo, guitar and vocals that transport us to a multitude of soundscapes, acoustic or noisy.

The band will also be touring Spain with the Canadian band Elliott Brood, who with 15 years of experience, 6 albums behind them and winners of the prestigious Juno Award, were praised for their powerful live performances and called the little brothers of WILCO for their brilliant mix of rock, alt-country and Americana, although their music is influenced by artists such as The Band, Neil Young, Uncle Tupelo and Dinosaur Jr.

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The Dead South + Elliott Brood
The Dead South + Elliott Brood

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