Suso Basterrechea
Suso Basterrechea
16/04/2021 - 31/05/2021
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Suso Basterrechea

After nine years, Suso Basterrechea (Ferrol, 1968) returns to the METRO Gallery to update us on what has been happening in his studio in recent times. "Quise ser perfecto, quise ser minimalista, pero tengo goteras" is the title of this exhibition, a proclamation taken from one of his works, which is presented as a declaration of intentions: it is said that a sense of humour is a sign of intelligence and irony is one of its most effective tools for analysing important things with rigour and seriousness and at the same time provoking a smile. Suso Basterrechea does this by using drawing and drawn text, sometimes in a single space, sometimes separately, but forming a complex discourse, at times subtly sarcastic, at others deliberately poetic, that confronts us with the everyday from those dead angles from which reality is perceived with greater clarity.



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 Suso Basterrechea
Suso Basterrechea

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Metro Arte Contemporáneo
Rúa do Xeneral Pardiñas, 12-16, L14, Santiago de Compostela, 15701
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