Sons improbábeis
Sons improbábeis
28/06/2022 - 16/09/2022
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Sons improbábeis

Sons improbábeis explores the different dimensions of sound in the visual arts. On the one hand, it aims to bring together different samples of so-called sound art, an expression that is increasingly present in the work of contemporary artists, while also seeking to investigate the presence of sound and music as an integral part or as a theme of works executed in a combination of media. Thus, languages such as audiovisual or installation, which integrate sound as a fundamental part of their development. On the other hand, Sonidos improbables also aims to visit works by artists who work with music as a theme from more traditional disciplines of artistic practice such as painting or sculpture.

To outline the structure of this exhibition, three thematic axes are considered: a first one related to sound art, which includes works by artists who use sound as the essential raw material from which to construct their work; a second axis dedicated to the relationship of the artistic work with the universe of so-called cultured music in its classical and contemporary developments, as well as in the relationship with its listening spaces or its notation systems; finally, a part of the exhibition will be dedicated to the relationship established between visual art and pop music and the whole universe of imagery that surrounds these musical practices today.

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Sons improbábeis
Sons improbábeis

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