Silencio | Entrecajas
Silencio | Entrecajas
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Silencio | Entrecajas

Dressed in a formal suit in which he does not quite feel comfortable, complying with the preceptive protocol, the playwright, or perhaps an actress friend whom he has asked to represent him in the solemn act, is going to enter the Academy with a speech entitled Silencio (Silence). His listeners are the other academicians, with whom he shares the podium, and the people - family, friends, colleagues, authorities, strangers... - who have come to accompany him this afternoon. He is going to talk about silence in life and in the theatre, perhaps also about silence in his life and in his theatre.

As well as the spectators, these silences can confront the one who wrote the speech and the one who now pronounces it, with the silences of their own lives. Perhaps the speaker of the speech and the writer of the speech are, at every moment, tempted to be silent. Perhaps the silence, which supports the discourse and on which the discourse inquires, puts the discourse in danger. And perhaps the most valuable thing is finally, above and below the words, to be able to listen to the silence together.

Actress: Blanca Portillo
Text and direction: Juan Mayorga


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Silencio | Entrecajas
Silencio | Entrecajas

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