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Sérgio Mirra Trío

The project "SÉRGIO MIRRA" arises from his great passion for traditional Portuguese music and the desire to pass on to future generations this very rich treasure that is traditional Portuguese music and traditional instruments. The voice and the Cavaquinho are the basis of this project, but the Bandolim and the regional Violas will also have their prominent role in the hands of Sérgio Mirra. Accompanied by two great musicians, Luís Pinho, on Classic Guitar and Hervê Freire, on Percussion, they have built a spectacle full of joy, good mood and a set of sung and instrumental songs, collected all over the country, from north to south and also passing through the islands. The identity given to the songs is very own and very personal, with a mixture of very diverse rhythms and trying to make them very appealing and contagious, for those who listening to them.

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Sérgio Mirra Trío
Sérgio Mirra Trío

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Casa das Crechas
Rúa da Via Sacra, 3, Santiago de Compostela, 15782
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