Holly Week 2023
Holly Week 2023
10/03/2023 - 16/04/2023
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Spring comes to Santiago de Compostela accompanied by the impressive Holy Week processions. The magnificent architectural settings of the historic city give the commemoration of the Passion of Christ a unique splendour and a particular solemnity, which undoubtedly distinguishes it from other towns in Spain.

Eleven brotherhoods from Compostela walk through the historic city, accompanied by the piercing sound of the bugles and the low rhythm of the drums, echoed in the stone streets. Eyes are raised to the hoods and to the processional crosses and pasos, which almost touch balconies and gargoyles, while the processions advance cutting through the fog in the night.

Holy Week in Compostela also includes a programme of organ concerts in some of the city's main monumental churches, offering an enriching journey through sacred and spiritual music. And it is also the time to enter into the intimacy of churches and convents.

Join Holy Week in Santiago de Compostela and be "passionate" about the city.




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Holly Week 2023
Holly Week 2023

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