Ás para Álex - Baobab Teatro
[For children]
Ás para Álex - Baobab Teatro
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Alex is a boy like any other 8-year-old boy who loves running, playing, going out with his friends, going to the park... and he also has a passion: football. But one day he has to give it all up because his body doesn't respond, he can't walk. And like any other child, Alex gets angry. He gets angry with his mum, with his sister, with his dog, even with football. Alex gets angry with the world and repeats endlessly the question "why me? why? why? He is so angry that he stops looking around him, until one day Laura appears in his path, and without asking permission but with a lot of care and love she enters his life to change his look.


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Ás para Álex - Baobab Teatro
Ás para Álex - Baobab Teatro

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