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Redford & Newman (dos hombres sin destino)

Redford and Newman were inseparable friends in college, but the last time they saw each other was at Redford's wedding, almost twenty-five years ago. Redford and Newman were their college-era nicknames.

Newman has remained single. He is a well-known art dealer, has an art gallery and lives in a flirty, modern apartment with minimalist decoration in which he masters technology and modern art. He always dresses impeccably, and is an extremely neat, orderly, rigorous, methodical, punctual and very manic man.

Redford, his great friend from university, was a real mess. He never studied, always behind some skirt, unpunctual, irresponsible, something left in the dress, but a really funny guy.

Twenty-five years later, they meet again. And this encounter will change their lives forever.



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 Redford & Newman (dos hombres sin destino)
Redford & Newman (dos hombres sin destino)

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