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On Saturday February 1 will take place in Área Central  the 'Presentation of Entroido dos Xenerais da Ulla 2020' with the participation of the 'Xenerais da Ulla' making their traditional 'atranques (or high) on horseback.

This presentation is organized by Área Central and the Xenerais da Ulla Santiago Association, that creates the groups the Xenerais of the five parishes of Santiago that share this tradition (Angrois, Aríns, Marrozos, O Castiñeirio and O Eixo).

Also collaborating in the presentation there are 8 different city councils involved in the joining of this promotion, the Traditional Rural Entroido of the 'Xenerais da Ulla': A Estrada, Boqueixón, Santiago de Compostela, Silleda, Teo, Touro, Vedra and Vila de Cruces.

The traveling photographic exhibition of the 'Xenerais da Ulla' will be present this year in Área Central. It is an exhibition of selected photographs, full of colour, that reflect the essence and character of the traditional rural entroido of the 'Xenerais da Ulla'. The sample brings together a total of 60 images, accompanied by coplas or 'atranques'.

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Presentation of the 'Entroido dos Xenerais da Ulla 2020'
Presentation of the 'Entroido dos Xenerais da Ulla 2020'

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