Pamen Pereira - Rewired
Pamen Pereira - Rewired
17/09/2020 - 22/10/2020
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Pamen Pereira - Rewired

I began to prepare this exhibition more than a year ago, between trips and extraordinary experiences, overwhelmed by the amount of emotions accumulated, thinking, at some point, that it was bordering on madness since nothing that happened to me escaped my attention and the remains of each of those moments were accumulating on the table of my workshop. Everything was life overflowing in its fleeting manifestation!

Trained in this refinement of attention, in recognizing myself in the everyday and in recomposing myself every day to continue sailing in the apparent randomness that surrounded me, new winds dragged me in search of something more atavistic. A call from the earth where nature is not tamed and order is not in sight. Since 1986 I have visited North Africa many times, almost always on the occasion of some project (Algeria, Egypt and Western Sahara) but the encounter that stirred up my most remote memory has been my recent trip to Tanzania and Mozambique. Africa was caught in my gaze and I was spellbound by the spiritual exploration of new ways of understanding the world, in the discovery of new colours, new smells, new tastes and, above all, in finding myself in the unalterable presence of the ancestors.

Pamen Pereira. March 2020



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Pamen Pereira - Rewired
Pamen Pereira - Rewired

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Opening: Thursday 17, 18:00