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O Sonoro Maxín + Gatibu

When the chifro sounds and rolls the tarazana, the knives and razors leave the pockets and drawer bottoms, where they sleep. They occupy the street. They look for a new edge. They seek to cut again. In these ungrateful times it is good to have a sharp knife at hand. Our knife is the song. So is the dance. O Sonoro Maxín begins, like a tarazana, a return journey to share, through his music, the moments and places where he was born, grew up and loved. Reclaiming a space to be able to dance better. Reclaiming music as a weapon of mass construction.

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O Sonoro Maxín + Gatibu
O Sonoro Maxín + Gatibu

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Sala Malatesta
Rúa de San Lourenzo, 51-53, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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10 €