O que non se ve
O que non se ve
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O que non se ve

O que non se ve expresses the need to unite two styles of dance, traditional Galician and contemporary. We contextualise the work in a "modern" environment as our society is currently approaching it, and which is increasingly moving towards the empowerment of women, something we believe is also very necessary in the world of dance and dance.

Artistic details

Contemporary choreography: Diego Landín and Erick Pegueros

Traditional choreography: Gustavo Couto

Dance troupe: Iria Calvar and Iria Portos

Instrumental group: Cristina Cotilla and Gustavo Couto

Traditional music/arrangements: Emilio Lois and Kinhos Saburido

Set design: Diego Landín

Costumes: OCT Ultreia

Sound technician: Ramón Campos

Lighting: Serxio Duro

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O que non se ve
O que non se ve

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Teatro Principal
Rúa Nova, 22, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
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O que non se ve
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