O que non se escribe: Paseo Sonoro
[Guided visits]
O que non se escribe: Paseo Sonoro
12/05/2022 - 29/05/2022
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O que non se escribe: Paseo Sonoro

Within the programme of "O que non se escribe -xornadas sobre a creación contemporánea a partir de arquivos sonoros-", a sound walk is included through different points of the city where sound treasures can be found. Each point hides a QR code to scan and listen with headphones to a piece of traditional music. Accompanying each QR, you will find information about the audio: who it was recorded by, where and when it was recorded and by whom it was recorded. Also by whom the selection of the piece was made, as the selection of these cuts was made with the collaboration of leading professionals in the field of traditional music.

This year, as a novelty, we will find not only traditional Galician music, but we will also can listen to 7 files collected from the oral tradition of 7 places through which the different Ways of Saint James pass, thanks to which important cultural exchanges have always taken place: the French Way, the English Way, the Portuguese Way, the Silver Way, the Primitive Way, the Winter Way and, as a nod to the oldest pilgrimage route outside continental Europe, the Way of Saint James of Gran Canaria.

SATURDAY 14TH: 11.30 / 18.30
SUNDAY 15TH: 11.30 / 18.30
The walk is self-guided, but there are also guided walks where the director of the festival, Aitana Cuétara, will take the participants along the route of this Sound Walk explaining each of the archives that can be found in the shops, bars and museums of the monumental area of Santiago de Compostela, starting at the Santiago Tourism Office (Rúa do Vilar, 63). Access is open and free. It is only necessary to present yourself in front of Turismo de Santiago office 5 min. before the start of the guided tour.

Languages: Galician / Spanish (will be adapted to the public attending)

This activity is part of the programme of  O que non se escribe. Arquivos sonoros e creación contemporánea

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O que non se escribe: Paseo Sonoro
O que non se escribe: Paseo Sonoro

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