O mozo da última fila
O mozo da última fila
07/07/2020 - 08/07/2020
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O mozo da última fila

Claudio is a seventeen-year-old student who sits in the back row. He does not speak, does not participate, is not problematic, does not stand out, except in Mathematics.  Each class becomes more unbearable until Xermán, the Language and Literature teacher, orders a writing assignment for the weekend.  From that moment on, Claudio begins to transform himself into someone who observes, imagines and writes the lives of others in a serialized story for a single reader.  This story shared by the disciple and the master becomes an increasingly dangerous game for them and for those around them.  A game that is played on two boards: that of life and that of literature.

Cast: Guillermo Carbajo, Roberto Leal, Belén Constenla, Mónica García, Machi Salado and Rúben Puerto



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O mozo da última fila
O mozo da última fila

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