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O Montacargas - Ainé Producións & Acusmaser Opus

O Montacargas (The Dumb Waiter) is a play written in a single act by Harold Pinter in 1957 and was framed by the theorist Martin Esslin within the dramatic trend "Absurd Theatre". The story tells the story of two men (Ben and Gus) who are locked in a room, a miserably furnished room. The characters discuss press reports and football teams. As they progress in the dialogue, Pinter suggests that they are two hired killers waiting for mysterious orders from an organisation. The tension of the wait leads to a conversation of no consequence. The story progresses as they receive messages and requests via a freight elevator, which seems to be a way of communicating with the people who live in the upper part of the room where they are. The only thing they know about their future victim is that he will appear from one moment to the next.

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O Montacargas - Ainé Producións & Acusmaser Opus
O Montacargas - Ainé Producións & Acusmaser Opus

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