O electo - Contraproducións
O electo - Contraproducións
23/01/2020 - 24/01/2020
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O electo - Contraproducións

In a hypothetical time, in a supposed situation, by a few twists and turns of parliamentary arithmetic and political circumstances... a candidate for President of the Xunta achieved his purpose, the great goal of his life. On the day of his inauguration, just before he gave his inaugural speech, an unexpected event occurred: a strange and tawdry nervous tic threatened to ridicule or even ruin such a solemn and long-awaited moment. Alarmed, he calls for medical assistance. And a psychiatrist comes to attend him and try to fix, in a very short time, such an inopportune disorder, starting an urgent session in which, in a context of acute and sarcastic humor, we will witness a battle between the politician and the doctor. What is everyone hiding? What are the true intentions of each? What are the facts of our life that mark our future and, above all, our vocation?


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O electo - Contraproducións
O electo - Contraproducións

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